FA Michaels

Welcome all you dreamers, believers and lovers of stories, you sugar cravers, cookie fanatics and chocoholics. Step into my world, where anything is possible with the best ingredients and the right amount of imagination.

About Me

So, you want to know more about me.

My name’s FA Michaels, but you can call me Mic. I love stories, dreaming and chocolate, not necessarily in that order. I write the stories I dream up, then dream up another to write. Want to know what I’m working on now? Look at what’s Coming Soon.

Here are five fun facts about me:

I live in the live music capital of the world. You know where that is right? Answer

I’ve traveled to nine countries. My favorite place to visit? Not quite where Juliet lived

I love books. No kidding, right?

When I put down a book and get outside, I like to hike. Exercise does the brain good.

And, I can’t live without chocolate. Okay, that’s not actually a fact because I give it up for Lent every year, but only because it’s so hard.