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Welcome all you dreamers, believers and lovers of stories, you sugar cravers, cookie fanatics and chocoholics. Step into my world, where anything is possible with the best ingredients and the right amount of imagination.

Coming Soon

I’ve always got bunches of stories percolating and in various stages of doneness, but here’s a sneak peek at THE OCULUS LINK: INTERSECT, coming soon to a print and ebook store near you…

Seventeen-year-old Matilda is ready for her life to change. She’s weeks away from her eighteenth birthday, from graduating from high school and from (hopefully) getting out of her podunk town and heading to the most prestigious music college in the world. All she has to do is nail her audition video. But as she’s rushing to the filming, annoyed that she has to drop her ten-year-old brother to the library first, she runs a red light — and her world goes black.

When she wakes up in the children’s trauma hospital in the city, her brother’s in a coma fighting for his life and it’s all her fault. Feeling hopeless, she meets nineteen-year-old John, who under normal circumstances would probably be the man of her dreams. Dark eyes, dark hair, broad shoulders, and better yet, he’s being nice to her. Really nice. Of course she would meet him when she’s in a wheelchair with half her face bandaged up, legs that are so bruised and swollen they look like moldy sausages and she’s wearing a stained up hospital gown. Not that she thinks she deserves anything good right now, but still…

But then John tells her something that turns her whole world upside down: He’s from the future, sent back fifty years to save the twelve-year-old boy who’s going to be the President. Future terrorists have already caused a plane crash that wasn’t supposed to happen, putting the boy in her hospital. Now they’re out to finish the job and their presence puts every boy in the hospital at risk, including Charlie.

She has to do everything she can to save the boy and her brother.

Can she help it if she’s falling in love at the same time?

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