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Easter Chocolate… Yes!

I’ve got less than a week left until I can eat chocolate again, and I’m drooling at the thought. So I figured I’d do a little wishful thinking and get ready to pig out on Saturday.

Here are my favorite Easter chocolates:

Reeses eggsReeses Peanut Butter Eggs: The perfect peanut butter and chocolate cup in the shape of an egg. I know it tastes the same. But it’s in a different shape, which means it’s completely different and must be consumed.

Cadbury's Creme EggCadbury’s Creme Eggs: From the sweet gooey inside to the awesome milk chocolate outside, these are heaven. Like an Oreo, I like to bite off the top, lick out the middle then enjoy the rest. How about you?

Cadburys Mini EggsCadbury’s Mini Eggs: If creme eggs are heaven, these are the seventh cloud of heaven flown in by a fleet of angels and presented on little fluffy pillows made from the silk of golden spiders. It’s the mix of crunchy outside and milk chocolate inside that make these so irresistible.

Roll on Saturday!

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